Plateau Atmosphere and Environment Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province




Level of Laboratory: Provincial Key Laboratory


Competent Department: Science & Technology Department of Sichuan Province


Approval Document: Chuankeji [2009] NO.8


Approved in: Jun. 2009


Website of Laboratory: (English)


Suporting Institution: Chengdu University of Information Technology


Director of Laboratory: Pro. Fan Guangzhou


Chairman of the Academic Committee: Pro. Ma Zhuguo



Plateau Atmosphere and Environment Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province (PAEKL) is established based on the years’ of development of College of Atmospheric Science, Chengdu University of Information Technology (CUIT). The researchers focus on the scientific problems of the weather and climate at Tibetan plateau and surrounding areas, and participated in almost all of the international and domestic cooperation experiments at Tibetan plateau. As the only province-level laboratory of atmospheric science in southwest of China, PAEKL focuses on the research of changes of earth atmosphere system and its climate effects on Tibet Plateau, and carry out in-depth research in meteorological disaster and disaster prevention and mitigation, climate and climate change, and meteorological application and service. The key laboratory has 3 research groups: (1) Meteorological Disaster and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Group, (2) Climate and Climate Change Group, and (3) Meteorological application and service Group.


PEAKL implements the management system that the director is thoroughly responsible for the laboratory under the direct command of CUIT and guidance of Technological Office of Sichuan Province. The incumbent director of PAEKL is Pro. Fan Guangzhou, the dean of College of Atmospheric Sciences. Distinguished scholars from various institutes in China or abroad are engaged as the members of Academic Committee. Huang Ronghui, the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Li Zechun, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering are invited to be the adviser committee members. The Chairman of the Academic Committee is Pro. Ma Zhuguo, the director of Key Laboratory of Regional Climate-Environment for Temperate East Asia (RCE-TEA), Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the vice-Chairman is Pro. Liu Changhai, who is the researcher of The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Youth academic backbones in PAEKL are sent periodically to NCAR and other research institutes in China or abroad to carry out the academic visiting and exchange.





In recent years, PAEKL has undertaken more than 180 research projects. These include more than 50 national-level projects, supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), Profession Special Fund, and national R&D programs. Besides, there are over 30 provincial-level projects and over 100 horizontal projects. All these projects achieves the research grant for approximately 40,000,000 RMB in total. Because of their excellent work, the researchers from the college won 10 provincial-level awards, including 4 Second-prize and 6 Third-prize respectively. Moreover, there are over 1000 papers and more than a dozen of academic monograph published. PAEKL was approved to establish Scientific and Technological Innovation Team of “Climate Change and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation” by Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province, and Innovation Research Team of “Evolution of Circulation Systems at Tibetan Plateau and its Influence on Meteorological Disasters in Sichuan” by Education Department of Sichuan Province. 



3.Research Team


After many years’ improvement, PAEKL attracted a number of excellent researchers joining the team, and increased the research strength remarkably. Now, PAEKL has an outstanding teaching and research team with reasonable structure of knowledge and age. The team has a staff of 44 people, including 16 professor, 10 associate professors and 18 lecture. Among the staff, there are 31 doctors and PhD candidates, accounting for 70% of the staff. 


In addition, PAEKL has invited over 50 visiting researchers from National Center for Atmospheric Research, Institute of Atmospheric Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Meteorological Administration, Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, Zhongshan University, Nanjing University of Information Technology, and so on. The visiting researchers provide the cooperative opportunities of construction development and promotion for PAEKL.

PAEKL encourages researchers to expand their research views and improve the ability of scientific research in a various ways, through further study for PhD, academic visit in meteorological bureau and abroad. So far dozens of researchers have been sent abroad to famous universities and institutes as visiting scholars.



4.Cooperation and Exchange


PAEKL emphasizes on academic communication and cooperation. The laboratory has organized and co-hosted a variety of major academic conferences, and encouraged and supported researchers to take part in academic conferences. Besides, famous scholars in the field of atmospheric science, both domestic and abroad, were invited to PAEKL to visit and give lectures every year. PAEKL has maintained good cooperation with Research institutions and universities, including European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Centers For Environmental Prediction (NCEP), National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), Pennsylvania State University, University of Hawaii, Northern British Columbia University of Canada, China Meteorological Administration, Institute of Atmospheric Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute Chinese Academy of Sciences, and so on. In the past 5 years, PAEKL have funded 50 research projects.


In the future, PAEKL will take the opportunity of construction of innovation country and implementing of independent innovation plan, insist “Orienting to the Needs of the Country and Forefront of the World, Focusing on the Key Scientific Problem of Atmospheric Sciences, and Researching with Distinct Feature”, and execute the operating mechanism of “Open, exchange, unite, and content”. Taking the research work as the core, PAEKL is striving to be the center of atmospheric scientific research, talent cultivation and academic activities in Sichuan Province.